Stapelstein is all about bringing movement to life. With simple, innovative and sustainable design, Stapelstein support creative movement with stacking stones and balance boards.

Stapelstein: movement, colours and fun

Children have a natural urge to move, and Stapelstein products have been designed with movement, play and fun in mind. Whether used as stacking stones, stepping stones or balance boards, these colourful stones can be used anywhere. Roll, stack, balance, sort, transport... the play possibilities are endless.

Stapelstein: creative movement, anywhere

Wherever children spend their time, these playful stacking stones can be incorporated into creative and movement play. Stapelstein stones are ideal in nursery and pre-school settings, as well as within the home, both indoors and outdoors. Lightweight and durable, they offer intuitive handling and endless possibilities for developing motor skills, cognition and creativity. Turn any space into an adventure playground!

Stapelstein: sustainability

Stapelstein stones are produced in Germany in a climate-neutral factory. The innovative foaming process usings just air and steam, and the stones are made of resource-saving EPP (Expanded Polypropylene). The material is free from propellants, plasticizers and other additives. The robust stones are built to last, they are timeless and durable- and can even be recycled should you wish to at end of use.